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Penzion Zámecká Zahrada, Český Krumlov

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Booking conditions

Article 1.

Contractual Parties

This document contains the General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) of company  Ing. PETR SKALA a SYN, s.r.o. s based at Brodského 1675/9, 149 00. Registered under IČO number 2646684 and listed under C 84158 at City Court in Prague. Provider means the establishment of company Ing. PETR SKALA a SYN, s.r.o, called  Penzion Zámecká Zahrada, providing accommodation and other related services. The term ‘Guest’ means an individual or legal entity receiving the services and products of the Accommodation Provider.

These GTC define the contractual relationship between the Accommodation Provider and the Guest in the mediation of a booking for accommodation and any associated services. If a booking is made on behalf of a Guest by a third party (“Client”), that third party and Guest are jointly liable to the Accommodation Provider as joint and several debtors for all obligations under the agreement. Each Client is obliged to provide the Guest with all booking-related information, particularly these GTC.


Article 2.

Booking Accommodation Capacities and Services

Accommodation and any other services of the Accommodation Provider may be booked and such bookings may be confirmed by the Accommodation Provider in writing, i.e. by email.

A booking is considered valid and binding when confirmed in writing by the Accommodation Provider or upon receipt of automatic email confirmation generated by the relevant online booking system.

Bookings may also be made on the Accommodation Provider’s website or on third-party tourism websites with which Penzion Zámecká Zahrada. has concluded a cooperation agreement. Guests may also search for the Accommodation Provider’s services and products on those partner websites and then book them on the Accommodation Provider’s site without leaving the partner site interface.

A booking is completed upon payment of a deposit or the entire sum for the booked accommodation and services, in cash, by bank transfer or by credit or debit card. The payment terms for the individual accommodation capacities may vary or be modified. The Guest or the Client is always informed of those terms when making the booking. If a Guest with a valid booking fails to arrive to receive booked services and products, the Accommodation Provider will deduct the price as per reservation type booked from the credit or debit card used to make the booking. Booked nights will be cancelled and charged according to the cancellation terms specified in Article 4, point 2.

The Guest is aware of and confirms the information received when making the booking, particularly the descriptions and characteristics of the services and products, provided contact details, payment and cancellation terms, the validity of the offer and the prices. Online bookings assume complete and unreserved acceptance of these GTC and familiarity with the information on the protection of personal data, included in the agreement concluded with the Accommodation Provider.

The presentation photographs on the Accommodation Provider’s website and site for mobile devices are examples only. Although the Accommodation Provider does strive to ensure that images of the accommodation facilities are as accurate as possible, unintended deviations may occur.

The pension does not accept reservations with an arrival date on Mondays. The pension is open on Mondays for pre-existing guests only, the check-out is possible on Mondays for these guests. The front desk is open on Mondays from 8 a.m. til 10 a.m..


Article 3.

Price and Payment Terms

The Accommodation Provider is obliged to prepare and provide the booked accommodation services and products. Unless agreed or specified otherwise, the price does not include additional services and products. The agreed prices include statutory value added tax. City tax (CZK 15 / person / night) and the accommodation fee (CZK 6 / person / night) are excluded from the final prices. The payment will be requested upon arrival. If the rate of this tax or fees changes, the Accommodation Provider has the right to charge the Guest the increase in tax or fees.

Penzion Zámecká Zahrada reserves the right to charge a deposit for possible damage in the accommodation facility caused by the Guest (fee 2500 CZK will be collected in cash upon arrival). If the Guest does not cause any damage to the Accommodation provider, deposit of 2500 CZK will be returned at full value upon departure.

The Accommodation Provider may adjust the prices if the Guest or the Client increases the number of rooms booked or the length of the stay and the Guest or the Client agrees to that change.

The Accommodation Provider may provide the Guest with suitable quality substitute accommodation, assuming that the Guest agrees. Any additional costs associated with such substitute accommodation are borne by the Accommodation Provider. 

If the Accommodation Provider issues a voucher, that voucher may only be used to pay for accommodation services. The value of the voucher corresponds to the sum and currency stated on the voucher. A voucher cannot be returned, sold, transferred or exchanged for cash and may only be used in full, i.e. its value cannot be divided or used for more than one payment. No reimbursement is provided if a voucher is lost, damaged or stolen. The date of issue, expiry date and voucher number are stated on each voucher. A voucher cannot be used for an online payment.

Small pets are allowed for a fee (150 CZK / night). Large pets upon request – please contact us well in advance.


Article 4.

Withdrawal from Agreement by Guest

The Guest or the Client is obliged to inform the Accommodation Provider of any and all changes to their booking or cancellations in writing. The Guest or the Client may withdraw from the agreement free of charge only with the written consent of the Accommodation Provider.

If the Accommodation Provider does not grant such consent, the Guest or the Client is obliged to pay the agreed price according to the Accommodation Provider’s cancellation terms. Unless agreed otherwise, the Accommodation Provider applies the following cancellation terms:

For stays booked for:

Flexible rate – cancellation more than 7 days prior to the  arrival without cancellation fee. In case of cancellation 7 and less days prior to the arrival, 100%. cancellation fee will be charged.

Non refundable reservations – 100% prepayment and cancellation fee applies from the moment when reservation is made

Claims concerning the quality of booked services and products provided by the Accommodation Provider  may be filed directly with the accommodation facility.


Article 5.

Withdrawal from Agreement by Accommodation Provider

The Accommodation Provider has the right to withdraw from the agreement upon failure to comply with the terms specified in Article 2 point 4.

In exceptional cases the Accommodation Provider has the right to withdraw from the agreement for justified reasons, i.e. if the fulfilment of the agreement is not possible as a result of a force majeure or other circumstance for which the Accommodation Provider is not liable. It also has the right to withdraw from the agreement if, for example, it has just cause to assume that the Guest or the Client has booked services by stating pertinent facts in a misleading or erroneous manner or that by using the services the Guest or the Client could threaten the smooth operation or public reputation of the Accommodation Provider or if insolvency proceedings have been initiated against the Guest or the Client. If there are any doubts concerning the Guest’s creditworthiness the Accommodation Provider has the right to withdraw from the agreement or to provide services only upon payment in advance.

If the Accommodation Provider withdraws from the agreement in justified cases, neither the Guest nor the Client are entitled to claim damage compensation.


Article 6.

Protection of Personal Data

The Accommodation Provider processes the personal data of the Guest in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, General Data Protection Regulation. The legal basis for the processing of such data is compliance with contractual obligations, defending the legitimate interests of the Accommodation Provider and compliance with the obligations stipulated by law. Data are processed for the purpose of bookings, managing relations with Guests, managing their preferences and for targeted advertising and marketing campaigns designed to promote sales. The information text for Guests on the protection of personal data in connection with bookings is available at

The Accommodation Provider collects the personal data of the Guest for the length of time necessary to finish providing the agreed services and does not disclose such data to third parties. 

Article 7.

Final Provisions

This document is issued for an indefinite period, commencing on the date it is signed, and repeals the validity of previous documents relating to the same matter. The wording of this document may only be amended in the form of an addendum or update. The Client is obliged to comply with these applicable Terms and Conditions.

The client has the right to use the reserved premises and equipment, as well as the equipment of the common areas – more information can be found in "House Rules" document and "Playground Rules of Penzion Zámecká Zahrada" document available upon request at the property front desk.

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